Legend Pierre Lassonde Just Warned This Global Collapse is Like 100 Black Swans All at Once

Today legend Pierre Lassonde told King World News that this global collapse is like 100 black swans all at once.

from King World News

April 19 (King World News) – Pierre Lassonde, legendary billionaire investor, philanthropist and company builder: “Eric, it is quite unbelievable what’s happening. Think of the world we live in with negative interest rates, the Coronavirus and the lockdown of America and other countries, and trillions of dollars being printed. It’s not like one black swan, it’s like 100 of them all at once.

Think about the oil business being completely devastated, and when you add the coronavirus on top of that, there’s another black swan. And with negative interest rates, where are retirees going to get their income from? I’ve been on this earth for 73 years and I’ve never seen anything like this before. But that is what black swans are all about. It’s not that they are unpredictable, they are out there, but when they show up that is when you can finally see the enormous damage they cause.

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