Is This the Moment When Freedom Will Come to North Korea and the Concentration Camps Will Finally End?

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

Is Kim Jong Un dead? He has not been seen in public for weeks, and all over the globe there is speculation that he has passed away following a botched surgery. It is being reported that an emergency heart procedure went bad because his doctor’s hands were shaking, and according to a magazine in Japan that resulted in Kim Jong Un going into a “vegetative state”. But of course we don’t really know for sure what happened, and the North Korean government is insisting that he is alive and well. And it is entirely possible that Kim Jong Un just pulled a fast one on us and that he will come out of hiding tomorrow. But if the rumors are true, this could finally be the moment that the people of North Korea have been waiting for. After decades of living under tyranny, this could finally be the moment when freedom arrives.

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