Is Maoist America Here to Stay?

by Joel Gilbert
American Thinker

Here in Hollywood, where many are employed because of Chinese capital (like the good folks at the WHO), they are collectively celebrating the fact that Bill Maher’s hope for a recession is here. These leftists can hardly believe the good fortune the coronavirus is heaping upon America. They eagerly lock themselves down while anticipating the day they can download a “GULAG” app that will allow them to snap and upload photos of anyone (like me) not obeying the latest martial law directive from Governor Gavin Newsome or Mayor Eric Garcetti, who last week promised “rewards to snitches.” Only four weeks ago, Hollywood and the left were in the throes of a three-year-long tantrum, hounding Americans with endless arguments as to why they should surrender their freedoms, constitution, money, and very lives to their control with slogans such as:

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