Impeachment 2.0

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

Coronavirus is impeachment 2.0. Perhaps, impeachment 3.0 (it is hard to keep track of how many times/ways the Establishment tried to throw Trump off stride and out of office).

In four years, the Democrats (and other members of the Deep State) have tried:

  • to stop Trump from winning the nomination.
  • to stop him from winning the election by questionable and illegal tactics.
  • to nullify the election based on charges of Russian collusion.
  • to prevent Supreme Court nominations by slandering nominees.
  • to use a politically motivated Special Counsel to remove him from office.
  • to cover up the illegal actions of operators at the highest level of law enforcement, intelligence agencies and the prior administration.
  • to impeach him based on virtually no cause or evidence.

These are known efforts. Others are likely to reveal from current DOJ investigations.

What we know is only the tip of the iceberg. Will we ever be allowed to know the entire story?

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