Golden Vaccines and Dow to Gold Ratio

by Gary Christenson
Deviant Investor

Things appeared normal, and then everything changed…

U.S. COVID-19 official cases on March 7: 338.

U.S. COVID-19 official cases on April 28: over 1,000,000, if you believe the Johns Hopkins numbers. Exponential growth in sickness, debt, and expenditures are “killers.”

The economic, emotional, and physical scars from the virus will torture us for a long time. Disneyland and Disneyworld are closed indefinitely.

Meanwhile, back at the Eccles Building in D.C., politicians at the FED accelerated digital “printing” of dollars to WARP (Wacky, Arrogant, Ridiculous, Preposterous) speed. QE4ever pushed The Fed balance sheet beyond $6 trillion, up $2 trillion in a few months.

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