Gold and the Debasement of Currency Con

by Hubert Moolman
Gold Seek

It is reasonably well known that many Roman emperors debased their currency (coinage). This was a very bad practice, since it is really a reflection of the debasement of the value of the kingdom (empire or country); going from a honest and just society to a corrupt and unjust society.

One of the reasons (effects) of debasing the currency was the transfer of wealth from the citizens to the ruling class. When the gold or silver content of the coinage is reduced, then more of the official coinage can be made, with a similar amount of gold or silver; therefore, increasing the money supply without the input of more gold or silver.

The increase of the money supply leads to reduced purchasing power, and this is the mechanism whereby they are robbed, since it is the ruling class that essentially bags the difference in purchasing power.

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