Folks Question Why Fauci Cheered Using Drug for MERS Coronavirus in 2013… but Now He’s Skeptical

[Ed. Note: Because he’s a wretched little sack of crap, bought and paid for by one of the world’s largest sacks of crap.]

by Victor Rantala
BizPac Review

It’s been found that seven years ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed that he was encouraged by lab tests involving a combination of drugs that included hydroxychloroquine in antiviral experiments on a SARS-like coronavirus that had emerged at the time. Some observers are seeing that as puzzling.

Fauci, NIAID director and current Coronavirus Task Force rock star, has long been widely looked to as the nation’s ultimate authority on infectious diseases. As such, his record and history of public comments are especially subject to scrutiny and critiques at a time such as the current societal upheaval sweeping the globe.

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