Did Trump Ruin Our Economy for Nothing?

by Anthony J. Ciani
American Thinker

“Trump ruined our economy and all for naught!” “Trump and his capitalism put millions out of work for nothing!”

If you haven’t already heard this from the “mainstream media” (AKA “fake news”), you soon will. Fake news media, doing the bidding of their leftist and Democrat masters, have been trying to destroy Donald Trump with hoaxes since he announced his candidacy, or maybe ever since Trump first questioned Barack Obama’s claim of being born in the U.S. The fake news first claimed that President Trump overreacted to COVID-19, then Trump was belittling COVID-19 and ignoring the experts, then Trump didn’t act fast enough, and soon the fake news media will come full circle to proclaim that Trump hyped it all up and shut down the U.S. economy for nothing. For once, will the fake news media report something real? Will this be a scandal with some weight of truth, eating into the base that never bought the prior hoaxes?

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