Debunking the Bioweapon Stupidity

by Karl Denninger

Folks, this tinfoil garbage just won’t quit.

Look, I get it — people love to find something to blame, and oh, it was a bioweapon” is one of the common ones going around, along with “it’s triggered by 5g!” (which is just flat-out horsecrap.)

The problem with bioweapons is that they’re doomsday devices in that they have a 100% chance of scoring an “own goal.” To prevent this you must first have a vaccine with 100% coverage on your side so your people don’t get the bug, and that vaccine must have permanent immunity.

Let me repeat this for you just in case your IQ is smaller than your shoe size: There has never been a successful attempt to prevent the spread of a virus beyond some arbitrary line on a map. Ever. Even in the days of old before international commerce and easy air travel it never worked.

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