Dave Kranzler: “The Comex is Failing”

from Arcadia Economics

#DaveKranzler: “The #COMEX is Failing”

The pressure on the #LBMA and the COMEX has not let up, and with premiums for physical #silver remaining elevated, you start to wonder if at some point there will be pressure on the COMEX physical delivery mechanism.

Fortunately, in this week’s #Gold and Silver Market Update with Dave Kranzler of #Investment Research Dynamics, we discussed the latest developments on the exchanges, whether there will be an issue meeting deliveries, and if the COMEX system has already begun to fail.

So to find out the latest news before it’s too late, click to watch the interview now!

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Interview by #ChrisMarcus of #ArcadiaEconomics on April 24, 2020: