Cuomo Says First Antibody Study Finds 21% of New Yorkers Test Positive for Covid-19 Antibodies

from Zero Hedge

Just 48 hours before Georgia was set to become the first state in the country to start reopening its economy, President Trump revealed in what sounded like an offhanded answer to a reporter’s question that he “strongly disagrees” with Gov Kemp’s decision because it didn’t follow the federal guidelines.

Trump’s u-turn outraged some supporters who believe the lockdown “cure” is worse than the viral “disease”, just in time for the latest reminder of how many jobs have been destroyed by the pandemic so far. Before blaming them as “covidiots”, it’s worth remembering that many red states haven’t been hit nearly as badly as most other states. Even the outbreak at the Smithfield Food’s processing plant in South Dakota – an incident that the MSM labeled “the biggest outbreak in the country” and cited as evidence of GOP Gov. Kirsti Noem’s “anti-science” agenda – has already subsided, and the rate of new cases has slowed, and the state has only recorded 9 deaths.

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