Coming a Time When the Money is No Good & Bonds are No Good – Michael Pento with Greg Hunter

Michael Pento – Losing Faith in Fiat – Record High Gold Around the World

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Money manager and economist Michael Pento says the Federal Reserve has only massive money printing left to try to save the economy from the current and ongoing debt implosion. There is going to be lots of fresh cash needed. Pento runs down a list of just few of the things the Fed will need to spend money on and says, “We all should know more than 22 million people have lost their jobs in the last four weeks alone. That’s 22 million people, and the unemployment rate, according to me, is heading up to 15% to 17%. That, my friends, is a depression. We also have the Philly Fed (Manufacturing Index rating) come out with a -56.6. That’s a minus 56.6. That’s the worst ever. Empire State Manufacturing -78.2, which is the worst rating ever. Retail sales plunged in March 8.7%. That is also the worst reading ever. That’s the worst plunge ever, and that’s just March. In my opinion, it will be something worse in April because all of the month will be completely shut down. That’s 90% to 95% of the economy.”

Now you know why the Fed freaked out and started printing money at the highest pace ever. Pento predicts the Fed, who took $4.5 trillion onto its balance sheet as a result of the “Great Recession,” will explode “The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet to $10 trillion by end of the year.”

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