Chris Vermeulen: Gold On the Cusp of Reaching $2,100

from Palisade Radio

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Chris Vermeulen, CEO & Founder of Technical Traders, joins Tom to discuss the markets once again Chris says, “This is the time to really be paying attention to the markets… It could be a bloodbath.”

Chris is seeing uncertainty that could bring equities lower as money is flowing into safe havens. The charts are showing that markets are approaching a major inflection point, which could go either way. Both gold and silver should rise rapidly once they get past resistance.
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Time Stamp References:
0:45 – Equities and safe havens.
2:00 – Market weakness – bear rally?
4:45 – Charts show a coming inflection point.
9:20 – Charts testing support on gold.
10:20 – Silvers chart is still ugly.
12:15 – What happened in oil?
20:00 – Equities may top and rollover.

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