China’s Miserable Bid to Clean Up Its Image Falling Flat

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

After inflicting the coronavirus on the world, China thinks it’s got a public relations problem, to say the least. Now it’s trying to spiff up its image.

Which isn’t working. Something this big isn’t a job for the ad-men.

According to the Washington Post:

President Xi Jinping held a flurry of phone calls with world leaders to promise aid. More than 170 Chinese medical experts were dispatched to Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa. State media outlets flooded the Internet with photos of Chinese masks arriving in 100 countries and stories questioning the epidemic’s origins. Ambassadors inundated international newspapers with op-eds hailing the sacrifices Beijing made to buy time for other countries without acknowledging how the outbreak erupted in the first place.

One month later, that campaign has yielded mixed results. In many cases, it has outright backfired.

Defective masks, late arriving goodies, and outrageous propaganda that has been publicly blasted by America’s leadership is generally behind the failure.

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