Can “Sickcare” Survive the Pandemic?

by Charles Hugh Smith
Of Two Minds

Like the rest of the financialization machine, sickcare was never sustainable.

What was once known as healthcare in the U.S. has largely been replaced by sickcare: healthcare was focused on restoring and maintaining health and was owned and managed by community-based non-profit hospitals.

Sickcare is focused on extracting the maximum revenues and profits from managing the chronically ill, and is owned by Corporate America. Sickcare, by its very nature, stripmines the entire nation to maximize its profits, and does so dishonestly, with obtuse billing, overbilling, prescriptions for costly medications whose side effects and efficacy have been gamed/obscured, and so on.

Since sickcare profits from chronic illness, America is now chronically ill. Since sickcare profits from over-medicating patients, America is now chronically over-medicated.

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