Which one is worse? The possibility of getting a virus that could kill you, especially if you have comorbidities, or … have your life savings wiped out, your home foreclosed, your car repossessed, your kids college dreams crushed, and living on welfare?

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

Everyone’s life is upside down right now. Life as we were accustomed, is grotesquely distorted. Tuesday it was my younger son’s time to run into the effects of this Corona virus lock down. He was laid off from his job.

He worked in an Infinity car dealership, as a budding technician. He really enjoyed his job. But, instead of servicing 30 – 40 cars a day, they’re down to 7. 8. So, they had to make some cuts. He understands it. He was surprised they kept him on last week as the numbers dwindled.

This is being played out in not hundreds or thousands, but MILLIONS of families across our nation. Every day that this shut down goes on, more stories like my son will continue to emerge.

So, many people are questioning the push for this extended shut down, when the seasonal flu kills so many people every year. It’s a good question, because in any normal year, the flu kills between 30 and 60 thousand people. If we don’t shut down the entire nation over that, why such a response to this?

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