Be the CEO of Your Own Damn Life with Melissa Ruiz

from Heather Havenwood

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Be the CEO of your own DAMN Life!! with Melissa Ruiz

Hi Influencers!

In this fun and super laid back interview, Melissa and I about talk about Masculinity and Femininity energy and the ability to truly tap into POWER! I truly loved loved this interview. Super fun and deep!


Heather Havenwood

Melisa Ruiz
Melissa is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Mindset Expert, and Online Soulprener Business Coach. After working as a TV producer for 13 years, she left everything behind to pursue her passion and purpose. Melissa quit her 6 figure job, got a divorce and now helps other women move past their own fears so they too can build the life & spiritual businesses they desire.

Be the Boss of Your Business! Your Marketing! Your Message! Your Money! Your Mind!
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