Bad Friday (Podcast)

by Karl Denninger

And another confirmation that the lockdowns did not decrease transmission…. duh!

14/ The mean daily case growth rate had _already_ been declining at this point. There was no additional decline in mean daily case growth after implementation of statewide restrictions on internal movement (“lockdowns”):

Which I pointed out as soon as I started posting the daily “R” chart — and which has continued in an unbroken path since.

Then there’s this lie from Vice:

The death rate from COVID-19 in Sweden is accelerating faster than that of neighboring countries.

No it’s not. Sweden’s R has been a near-constant — right where we’re converging to. Why? The same reason. Is it increasing? Yes. But it is not accelerating (R is not going up.)

Then of course, there’s the “let’s take our sweet-ass time reporting results”, even though these tests read results in 10 minutes:

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