Are We Wrong About Reopening the Economy?

by Brian Maher
Daily Reckoning

Above the initials Scott B. we are dealt with as follows:

Listen, dumb****s! I am a professional on the front lines intubating these patients and years of education to understand this, but I will attempt to relate to the lowest common denominator mentality of this society and the financial segment in particular (notoriously self-involved)… I will make this simple. Have you seen anything cause bodies to be piled into refrigerator trucks or mass graves in your lifetime?!! Quit arguing just what the fucking death rate percentage is! It’s obviously high! Shut the [expletive] up and listen to people who obviously know more than you!

Legions and legions know more about respiratory disease than your humble editor. We know very little.

And no, we have never seen the phenomenon the reader describes.

Yet many vastly credentialed medical authorities believe the fatality rate — assuming a much larger number of possible infections than officially reported — is nonetheless low.

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