April Fools: In the New Age of Deception, Coronavirus Has Hastened the Old Collectivism

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn
The Burning Platform

[…] At the very end of last year, I wrote a New Year’s piece entitled “America is Over But You Knew That Already”, whereby various “cracks and water in the nation’s foundation” were explored. In that article, I said: “winter is finally here” along with these words:

Exactly how and when America’s foundational stones will shatter in the coming months is anyone’s guess, but do know this: When Progressive Democrats, and an activist mainstream media, stage a third-world impeachment trial of a U.S. President while reverently citing the words of the nation’s long-dead founders who were, by their own definition, privileged white males and racist slave owners – the end is nigh.

In a later article, six reasons were explored as to why the COVID-19 virus failed “the sniff test” along with the coincidental timing that marked the rise of the virus:

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