Analyst Chris Temple Told Us We’d See Negative Oil Prices; Now Hear His Current Insights

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In this interview Chris Temple of The National Investor provides commentary on the oil market and the macro-economic environment. Chris has been publicly declaring we would see negative U.S. oil prices. Yesterday oil reached an unimaginable negative $40.32 per barrel. That means some “buyers” of oil yesterday were being paid $40.32 per barrel to take delivery of the product. What does this insane price action mean and where do we go from here? Listen to Chris share his insights.

Chris Temple is editor and publisher of The National Investor. He has had a more than three-decade career in various areas of the financial services industry. Temple is a ought-after guest on radio stations all across America, as well as a sought-after speaker for organizations. His commentaries and some of his recommendations have appeared in Barron’s, Forbes, the Dick Davis Digest, Investors’ Digest,,, and numerous other media.

Link to Chris’ Oilmageddon article in which he calls for negative oil prices:

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