A Conservative Resurrection?

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Conservative magazines have pretty much disappeared along with conservatives in education, popular culture, politics, publishing, media, and Hollywood. Magazines that helped to sustain stable families, good manners, the value of integrity, moral behavior, tending to one’s own garden, and Christian virtues such as compassion have been replaced by neoconservatives advocating war for American hegemony.

One magazine that lingered, Chronicles, was a mild and not very exciting voice, but recent issues under the new editorship of Paul Gottfried have resurrected trenchant writing and analysis of America’s perilous degeneration into a Tower of Babel.

In a recent article, “It’s Not Okay to Be White,” I was encouraged to see that in a recent Congressional hearing designed to close down free speech for white people, it was a black female member of Congress who denounced the intent of the hearing.

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