While All Eyes Are on Democrats, Trump is the Big Winner Across America

by Andrea Widburg
American Thinker

The obvious news is that many voters, after staring into the abyss of Bernie Sanders’s socialism and seeing Fidel Castro looking back at them, are turning to Biden as their preferred candidate. Biden, after looking like a loser last week, is looking like a contender this week.

The less obvious news is that in many states, there was a real fire among Republicans, even though Donald Trump is a virtually uncontested incumbent. People ought to be staying home, but in several states, they are voting for Trump in droves.

The following data are from Decision Desk HQ as of 11:50 P.M. EST, with many votes still being counted. In those states in which Republican voter turnout exceeded Democrat voter turnout, the Republican numbers are bolded. In those states in which Republicans, while fewer in number than Democrats, still made a good showing, Republican numbers are bolded and italicized.

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