Weinstein Through the Lens of a Female Former Law Enforcement Officer

by Miriam Ruth
American Thinker

Last week, the #MeToo movement was able to truly celebrate. Justice was done. Harvey Weinstein, the poster child, was given a twenty-three-year prison sentence. Yet what hasn’t been discussed, and seems taboo, is what the victims might have done to prevent becoming victims. Further, is the #MeToo movement’s response beyond what it should be? Is emasculating the male species the correct response?

My mother, of blessed memory, was a talented actress on Broadway in the ’40s, even featured as part of a Life magazine spread. I once asked her, since she was so respected and talented, why she never took the opportunity to work in Hollywood. She replied in her dignified parlance that she knew how some actresses were becoming successful there and did not wish to “spend time on the casting couch.”

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