Vice President Pence: When Coronavirus Outbreak Over ‘Economy Will Come Roaring Back’

[Ed. Note: “Roaring back”… Yeah, it’s called hyperinflation.]

by Ryan Saavedra
Daily Wire

Vice President Mike Pence told Fox News on Tuesday night that the best way for Americans to help the U.S. economy was to take the coronavirus seriously and follow the guidance provided by officials over the next couple of weeks, saying that once the crisis is over that the economy will come surging back.

[…] “We need every American, every American business to step forward and recognize that if we act now — if we act now, we can limit the spread of the coronavirus significantly and ultimately save lives,” Pence told Fox News host Sean Hannity, later adding, “what the President’s made clear, and every American be confident is, we’re going to do whatever it takes.”

“Any hourly worker in this country who feels like they may have contracted the coronavirus should stay home, and they shouldn’t worry about missing a paycheck,” Pence continued. “We’re working with Congress to ensure that paid leave is available for hard working Americans, but making sure that this economy gets back on its feet, that Americans are able to weather this time has — is also a priority for President Trump. We’re talking with leadership in both parties on Capitol Hill.”

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