U.S. Dollar Ratio Charts Are Telling a Very Important Story

by Rambus
Gold Seek

Before we look at tonight’s charts I would like to take a minute and explain to our new members how we manage the different portfolios. We have 3 different portfolios, the Kamikaze, Leveraged and the PM Stocks Trade portfolios with each having $100,000. That $100,000 in each portfolio is then broken down into $5000 increments for each trade giving us a total of 20 trades for each portfolio. Currently we have just 4 trades in the Kamikaze Portfolio, 5 in the Leveraged Portfolio and 0 in the PM Stocks Trade portfolio. What that means right now is that we have a very high level of cash. It is completely up to you on how you want to manage your own portfolios. I just wanted to put this out there because sometimes we may have up to 20 trades in the Leveraged Portfolio, 20 trades in the PM Stock Portfolio and 8 to10 in the Kamikaze Portfolio, all at one time. It boils down to what the markets are giving us which sometimes is a lot and other times not much.

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