Trump Says ‘Market Will Take Care of Itself’ as Dow Plummets 3,000 Points

President unveils new coronavirus guidelines as stocks swoon

by Robert Schroeder
Market Watch

President Donald Trump on Monday said the stock market would “take care of itself” as the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged nearly 3,000 points.

“The market will be very strong as soon as we get rid of the virus,” Trump said at a White House briefing, where he acknowledged the U.S. could be heading into a recession as the economy grapples with the crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak. He said the best thing to do for stock markets is to get through the pandemic.

He predicted what he called a “tremendous surge” in the economy after the virus is controlled.

Trump spoke as the administration unveiled new guidelines, including avoiding gathering in groups larger than 10 people and curbing unnecessary travel.

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