The Wuhan Virus is Turning Into a Wimp

by William Noel
American Thinker

Our medical care system itself is one of the biggest problems we face as we fight the coronavirus.

As we learn more about the COVID-19 Wuhan virus each day, it is becoming increasingly obvious that it isn’t the great threat to our health and survival we were initially led to believe. It is turning out to be more like the schoolyard bully I remember from grade school days who intimidated me with all sorts of name-calling and threats until the day arrived when I decided to fight back. He wasn’t expecting that and when he retreated, I realized he was just a loudmouthed wimp and he quit harassing me.

This isn’t to say the Wuhan virus cannot kill, because it is the nature of viruses to attack where they find weakness, multiply to overwhelm bodily defenses and ultimately kill the host. While that is happening in some cases, evidence is growing that it isn’t nearly as deadly as we were made to fear. Along with much lower death rates, there is growing anecdotal evidence that the people who tested positive and then died were victims of multiple conditions and it wasn’t the COVID-19 virus but a synergy of the multiple attackers that killed them.

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