The Gold Chronicles – Jim Rickards – Alex Stanczyk – Covid-19 – Next Great Depression

from Physical Gold Fund

*Opening salvos of Global Financial Crisis II (GFCII)
*The entire precious metals complex (gold and silver) has been cleaned out globally
*The best time to act has past, now is the second best time to act
*The global run on precious metals is probably less than 5% of the population, when the majority catches on to damage done to USD the demand could be historic
*Price dis-connect between paper and physical gold price
*How price discovery in the gold market is resolved
*What happens when the Swiss refineries open again
*The effect of key relationships with Swiss refineries on access to gold and silver
*Mining output dropping due to mines getting shut down reduces available supply of gold
*US Unemployment Claims hitting record levels, 3.28M claims in one week
*Fed injecting capital into system trying to prevent liquidity freezes (Ice-9)
*Why we are entering the next Great Depression
*In comparison, during “The Great Depression” Dow Jones dropped 89%
*The Great Depression played out over 3 years, we are a third of the way there in 3 weeks
*Consequences of Supply Chain Shutdowns
*Why the US could lose up to 50% of its economic output by the end of the downturn
*The social and political consequences of QEternity
*What happens when complex systems collide
*Regarding mass migrations and unrest, watch South Africa and Mexico
*Full Spectrum Warfare – Financial, Biological, Cyber, Social Engineering, Kinetic
*What are the chances we will see kinetic warfare
*Why China could be eyeballing Taiwan during the crisis
*How the Covid-19 numbers out of China are questionable
*CARES Bill – Whats in it
*Whats happens to gold if we see massive deflation (Great Depression II)
*The two ways gold is revalued in a massive deflation
*It took 25 years for US markets to recover from the Great Depression
*Jim: “Be wary of suckers rallies”
*Practical things people can do during this crisis
*Spoiler – Jim’s new call on the US Presidential election and how the crisis has changed the probabilities

Books by Jim Rickards:
Currency Wars
The Death of Money
Road to Ruin
The New Case For Gold

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