The Global Contagion Moves into High Gear: Carnage in the Middle East Markets

by Steve St. Angelo
SRSRocco Report

It begins… the world is finally waking up to the massive economic and financial threat of this global contagion. As reported by Zerohedge, the Middle East markets opened today to a bloodbath as many of the region’s stock indexes fell more than 5%, with Kuwait suspending trading after it’s market fell 10%.

According to the article, Market Bloodbath: Middle East Stocks Crater; Kuwait Halted; Aramco Below IPO; Dow Indicated Down 500; it looks like the global markets are going to experience more CARNAGE on Monday. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the WTIC (West Texas Intermediate) fall into the $30s tomorrow. If not on Monday, certainly some time this next week.

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