Stocks and Precious Metals Charts – A Flight to Sound Money – Fed Attempts Rescue, Leadership Shameless

from Jesse’s Café Américain

No elected body with a fiduciary responsibility, and any remnant of a conscience, should ever hand over a sum like $500 billion for disbursement to corporations to any presidential administration without clear conditions, transparency, and oversight. Especially after the abuses uncovered from the bailouts of the last financial crisis. But needs must for those with no shame.

[…] Stock futures went limit down shortly after they opened on Sunday night. The Fed threw the kitchen sink at the markets this morning, and managed to hold stocks from falling out of bed completely.

Gold and silver caught a definite bid, as the whiff of monetary mischief permeated the markets.

I read an opinion piece from one of the usual suspects which blames our current state of affairs on the working public for their dissolution and extravagance in wanting to have such things as phones.

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