So it Begins

When the fuel companies won’t give fuel on credit, when the food wholesalers can’t get product from the farmers/cattle raisers, when the local mom and pop shop, can’t finance their meat market, the “bad” side of People will emerge.

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

The first part of today’s letter is a bit of public service announcement. I’m sure you’ve all witnessed the shortages at the grocery stores. I’m sure some of you are having a hard time finding paper towels and toilet paper.

Well “it’s” begun. People are being robbed at knifepoint for their TP. We’ve heard of it in London, Hong Kong and now here in the US.

Over the years, I’ve written a considerable amount of articles about self defense, weapons training, soft prepping, etc. It’s not because I consider myself some big time expert on this. It’s because I’m somewhat of a silent partner in a company that indeed teaches such things. Several of our weapons trainers were special ops in the Marines. They’ve been stationed and operated in some big time, nasty hell holes. Well, when you hang with such talented folks, some of it rubs off on you.

So, let me just talk a little bit about this situation. I’m prayerful that all the social distancing we’re being forced into ( Here in Florida they just closed all bars and nightclubs for 30 days) will have the effect of slowing the spread enough that the medical system doesn’t implode like we’ve seen in Italy.

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