Side Effects

Everyone wants the virus gone. Everyone wants to go back to “normal.” But as I’ve shown you, this is tough to do.

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

With everyone sitting at home, there’s been some interesting side effects. For instance, while millions are having their pay reduced as they’re shut in, the gals that do “cam work” are raking it in. If you don’t know what cam work is, there’s hundreds of sites, where women mostly, do all manner of sex acts on a web cam, and people “donate” to their favorites to watch them. I’ve read where some gals are seeing 400% increases in income.

Likewise the outright porn sites. Traffic to some of these sites are up 250%. With nothing to do buy read books, clean the house, and watch Netflix, many have decided to fill some of their time with porn. Go figure.

But there’s a downside to all this movie watching and downloading of streamed sexy gals doing naughty things. The Internet cannot carry the traffic. In the last few days, the amount of times that cell service, and cable internet service have gone up and down like a yo yo, is increasing. All that streaming is gobbling up bandwidth at an enormous pace.

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