Politicians Are Calling for Lots of “Bold” Plans. Watch Out.

by Mitch Nemeth

Today’s stock of progressive politicians seeks “bold” action to combat the laundry list of ills of which they believe the United States is guilty. From perpetuating economic racism to environmental racism to criminal justice racism to healthcare racism, as Elizabeth Warren noted during the July 2019 Democratic debate, the list that needs “solving” is endless. This phenomenon is not new or exclusive to the social media era of politics. Politicians react to the preferences of voters, and social media has a tendency to amplify the voices of those with the most extreme views. These politicians, however, are responding with “bold” plans to spend the United States off a fiscal cliff. The term “bold” has become a stand-in term for outrageously expensive and expansive government action. The true costs associated with these plans are typically underestimated due to the nature of unintended consequences.

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