On Tornadoes, Nashville and Dead People

by Karl Denninger

Nashville got hammered by an apparent EF-3, with a decent number of people apparently dead (~22 from last count that I can find and several more missing.)

You can’t do anything about tornadoes. They happen. They come with very little warning, unlike a hurricane that you typically have several days to choose to either run, hunker down, or ignore the risk. I have zero empathy for people who get killed in hurricanes, as assumption of that risk is 100% voluntary 100% of the time.

It used to be that the only warning of a tornado was a siren from the local gendarme, and there wasn’t much interconnection, so it wasn’t uncommon at all to get a warning seconds before you got hit, if you ever got warning before you were hit, and that’s if you heard the siren. At night, if you were a reasonable distance away, and sleeping, you might well not get any effective warning at all. What’s worse is that before today’s technology tornadoes were called in by human spotters; at night, of course, this was problematic as there were fewer spotters and you can’t see nearly as far, or as well.

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