Nurse Who Works at Planned Parenthood: I ‘Work with a Smile’

by Hank Berrien
Daily Wire

A registered nurse who works at Planned Parenthood in New York boasts in a published article that she is “proud to be an abortion provider” and works “with a smile.”

Sunoz Soroosh, who noted her article was published on National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers, writes in Rewire, “Every day, I walk through the doors of the Planned Parenthood health center where I work with a smile, often singing along to a song playing on my headphones. Many find this surprising considering there are usually anti-abortion protesters outside the health center taunting me and my patients or trying to convince me to ‘find a better job.’ They fail to realize I’m proud to be an abortion provider who puts patients first.”

Soroosh posits that her work has given her “clinical skills to pursue a higher education” as well as “the confidence to support patients during a deeply personal experience.”

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