Marshall Gittler: The Longest Record Broken – Gold/Silver Ratio Hits Highest in 5,000 Years

by Chris Powell

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Marshall Gittler of currency trading house BDSwiss, who was quoted today by about the extraordinary widening of the gold-silver ratio, elaborates on the issue in an essay at

Gittler writes that he cannot discover exactly what has driven the ratio to this extreme, but speculates that it may forecast “a tremendous deflationary period ahead.”

[…] He adds: “One other point that may be connected. I’m not sure how accurately the price of gold that I see on my screen reflects the actual demand. The gold market seems split at the moment. While the price is falling, meaning there are more sellers than buyers, everything I read on Twitter is that physical gold is nearly unobtainable. Many banks and refiners have run out of inventory. Apparently there has been a surge in retail demand for gold coins and bars at the same time as the price has been falling.

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