Make the Bailed Out Companies Pay – The Real Deal On the Pandemic – Triple Lutz Report #480

from Financial Survival Network

Looks like we’ve become bailout nation once again. Trillions this time for airlines, hotels, cruise ship lines, Boeing and more. So what if they wind up giving you a lousy $5k, the elites will take away billions. Let’s put a stop to it all now. First, any company accepting a taxpayer funded bailout would be forced to retire their senior management, without the golden parachutes. Next, no more than an annual 10 percent bonus, and from now on all bonuses are tied to profitability, not stock prices. Then a 5 year moratorium on any lobbying efforts towards the local, state and federal governments. Finally, no more corporate welfare, that means you Boeing. And finally, complete prohibition on stock buybacks, they’re kryptonite to the financial system. How’s that for a start?

Then we give you the latest info on the pandemic compliments of a Nobel laureate Michael Levitt, the affect of temperature on the virus and some other important stats. Like 80 percent of the population has natural immunity to the virus. And no one really knows what the flu mortality rate is, it’s all a guesstimate by the Center for Disease Control.

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