Let’s Deal with the Facts Now & Stop the Lies & Nonsense

from GoldCore

? NOTE: This interview was recorded at the weekend and its message is even more relevant and important today after today’s market crash. We continue to do daily updates on https://news.goldcore.com/ and will do another video update very soon.
? Markets have collapsed around the world again today as we predicted as the ‘Giant Ponzi Everything Bubble’ meets the massive pin that is the coronavirus’ impact on already vulnerable indebted economies.
? Stocks have crashed and bond markets and banks may be next … “bank holidays”, bail-ins and currency resets are likely
? The virus is a final “snow flurry” which is unleashing the financial and economic avalanche.
? Those who prepare themselves, their families and their businesses for the coming dislocations, will proper. It is that simple.
? We must not allow ourselves to be riddled with fear and it is important to remember that we have “nothing to FEAR but fear itself.”
? “Let’s just deal with the facts now and stop the bullsh*t and the lies and the nonsense that goes on out there” 
? Keep calm and carry on being proactive and preparing for the coming global economic collapse.
? Lots of deep breadths, exercise, meditate and or prayer will help; do anything that centres and grounds you and connects you to the quantum field, the Universe or God, giving you courage in these uncertain times.
? Don’t listen to the same media and financial “experts” who decimated investors portfolios through highly complacent and imprudent advice in the last crisis.
? Listen to experts who have a track record in offering good advice that has protected and grown people’s wealth in both the good times and in the bad times.
? As ever hope for the best but be prepared for less benign scenarios
? All the best in health and wealth to you and your families in the coming days. We will come through this. We will survive and thrive ??
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