If You Die from the Coronavirus, What Will Happen to Your Assets?

Most people don’t have a plan in place

by Adam Taggart
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

This is an update to Peak Prosperity’s report on estate planning, which the coronavirus pandemic has suddenly and sadly made very relevant. Everyone with a family should take the time to read this.

Millions of us are now under home lockdown with little to do but watch the global covid-19 infection total continue to rise exponentially, as well as the deaths resulting from it.

It’s reported that 22,000+ have died so far. But the models show that soon, within a month or so, the death toll will be in the millions.

In the US, the virus’ spread is happening at such a swift rate that more and more people now know somebody who’s sick from it. I personally know two people who currently have it, plus a family that contracted it in January during a trip to Asia and has (thankfully) recovered.

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