How Coronavirus Will Strengthen Trump’s 2020 Campaign

by Tim Jones
American Thinker

While the mainstream media have been running around yelling that the sky is falling and the left is criticizing Trump for not acting fast enough in curtailing the spread of the coronavirus, here’s how it will end up helping Trump during his re-election campaign. It will validate the need to continue with his two biggest campaign issues from 2016: building a wall on the Mexican border and getting the United States off its dependency with China by re-balancing trade.

He’s already succeeded more than anyone would have thought possible with both of these issues.

When the presidential campaign begins in earnest this coming fall, the coronavirus “crisis” will be long over with, so Trump will be able to raise it as an example of why the United States needs secure borders and to reduce our dependency on China, especially when it comes to prescription drugs that have been outsourced to China. The best example is the production of antibiotics. From “China’s Lock on Drugs,” published back in May of 2018:

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