Highly-Infectious Disease and Hospital Workers

by Karl Denninger

Folks, we have to cut the bull**** right now.

We do work with very dangerous viruses all the time. We have to. We use truly extreme measures in doing so too, because the risk of a mistake, if made, is catastrophic to the person involved and, if the virus is person-person transmissible the outcome could be horrifying.

We do this sort of work in labs where strict controls are found. Think “Andromeda Strain” sort of lab.

There is not a hospital in the world that can maintain that level of isolation successfully.

Hospitals, generally, are not set up much to deal with highly-infectious and serious disease. Blood-borne diseases are one thing; there you need direct exposure, which means needle sticks and things like that. Diseases where vaccinations are available are another; health workers can be required to have proved immunity in the form of proof of vaccination. That works.

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