Government Service Price-Jacking Blows Up

by Karl Denninger

This is what you get when the government starts price-jacking.

What am I talking about?

Ever notice that EMS is in the same building as firefighting? When you have a routine, no-real-risk minor car accident where the vehicles are driveable and everyone is standing on their own — both EMS and the Fire Department is rolled? Ditto if you call for one or the other at your home or office?

Never mind where both have their vehicles, and the “modern practice” of trying to shove ALS down everyone’s throat. They did that here a number of years ago — ballot issue, which passed. Of course the entire ****ing Fire Department lobbied hard for that, because it would mean nice million dollar ambulances and, instead of someone who had basic EMS skills, advanced skills at three or four times the salary and they had to be in the building on-call all the time, not on a volunteer basis.

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