Gold and Silver Break Free from Their Paper Chains

by David Brady
Sprott Money

Last week I wrote “Paper Prices Dump, but Premiums for the Physical Metals Soar on Heavy Demand”. My sincere thanks to the many Twitter followers who alerted me to this phenomenon around the world almost two weeks ago now, in which prices for physical Gold and Silver were soaring and inventories were fast running out. Despite encroaching censorship, Twitter still remains an important tool for sharing valuable information. Since then, Silver prices reached a peak of around $35 CAD and ~$25 USD, but that was as of last Friday. It is now almost impossible to know what the real price is, because inventories have disappeared. It could be much, much higher now. We just don’t know.

The final confirmation that Gold and Silver supply had almost run out came last Friday from the Royal Canadian Mint, home of the Maple Leafs (no, not the hockey team, the coins):

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