Everyone Seems to Agree: Coronavirus Relief Bill Should Curb ‘Buybacks’ and ‘CEO Pay’

by Henry Rodgers

As the House and Senate are working on passing a coronavirus relief bill, many are discussing what exactly should be included in the legislation, such as stock buybacks and CEO payouts.

The Daily Caller asked a number of members of Congress and business owners if they support limiting stock buybacks and CEO payouts in the coronavirus stimulus bill, most responded by saying that both should be limited or not included in the bill. This all comes as a Senate GOP aide told the Daily Caller that the White House has been pushing to limit stock buybacks for companies that receive funds from the phase three package.

“Yes on buybacks. They are useless. And for CEO bonuses, no severance at all, but for retaining CEO’s or new CEO’s any bonus given, the exact same proportional bonus must be given to all employees.

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