Epic Gold, Silver Rise & Markets Plunge in April – Bo Polny with Greg Hunter

Bo Polny – New Era of Time Starts in April

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Cycle expert and financial analyst Bo Polny predicted a market crash in the stock market on February 9, 2020. A few weeks later, it nosedived 36% in the fastest crash in the history of the markets. Is it over? Not according to Polny. He contends, “When gold was shooting up into the $1,600 range in February along with silver and mining stocks, I said don’t get too excited because the market was going to top out the end of February, and then gold and silver will have a down cycle in the month of March. That’s what happened. Why did I schedule the interview at the end of March? The end of March is a final entry point to get in on gold and silver positions. Once April comes, gold and silver will do the opposite. Again, please understand my words, they will do the opposite of what they did in March. In March, gold and silver and the mining stocks collapsed, and so did the stock markets collapsed together. In the month of April, you will see the stock market take the second leg down. (Bo’s target is around 15,000 on the DOW.) When this happens, gold, silver and the mining stocks, particularly gold and silver, are going to do something epic.”

Polny goes on to say, “In the last interview, I gave you a time point, and I am going to give it to you again. This time point is incredible, and it is a Biblical calculation. I am waiting to see what happens at this time point because it is supposed to be a truly epic time point, and that time point is April 21, 2020. It’s a time point where the world changes, one system comes to an end or something really obvious happens. So, coming into the month of May, we have this new time point or this new era.”

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