Dow Futures Tumble 900, Gold Surges Above $1,700: Dr. Stephen Leeb on Coronavirus Dangers and $20,000 Gold

from King World News

On the heels of the Dow futures tumbling 900 and the price of gold surging above $1,700, Dr. Stephen Leeb shared with King World News his thoughts on the dangers of the Coronavirus, its impact on markets, and $20,000 gold.

Massive Bull Market In Gold

March 7 (King World News) – Dr. Stephen Leeb: I’ve been projecting a massive bull market in gold, with China leading the way. How, if at all, does Covid-19 affect that projection? My quick answer: The outbreak likely further strengthens both the short- and long-term case for gold.

Over the shorter term, by spotlighting gold as a safe haven, it lessens the chances of a meaningful correction in the metal, though one still is possible…

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