Cuomo Admits Shutting Down New York Economy Was a Mistake

Dem governor signals regret for draconian coronavirus lockdown

by Dan Lyman
News Wars

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has indicated taking draconian measures to shut down his state’s economy in response to the coronavirus crisis was likely a mistake.

Cuomo expressed regrets about issuing oppressive quarantine orders for New York businesses and residents during a press conference in Albany, the New York Post reports.

[…] “What we did was, we closed everything down,” Cuomo said. “That was our public health strategy, just close everything – all businesses, all workers, young people, old people… every school, close everything.”

“If you re-thought that, or had time to analyze that public health strategy, I don’t know that you would say, ‘quarantine everyone.’ I don’t even know that was the best public health policy.”

Cuomo also speculated his stay-at-home decree may have effectively poured gasoline on the fire.

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