Covid-19 Probably Won’t Destroy Society, but the Government’s Reaction Might

by Michael Thau
American Thinker

The Washington Post recently touted “an alarming new scientific model” that warns that treating COVID-19 like a somewhat more severe strain of flu won’t cut it. The model predicts over a million U.S fatalities unless we shut down all non-essential mingling until a vaccine is developed, “which could take 12 to 18 months at best.”

Pretty bleak stuff. In fact, that’s about the bleakest take on COVID-19 you’ll find.

Let’s run with it.

Let’s momentarily not raise a fuss about having no reason to trust the model’s underlying algorithm or whatever unknown assumptions about the virus generated its scary predictions. We’ll also ignore that there’s no chance the Washington Post or any other major media outlet would present a balanced picture by informing us of any expert opinions or data not supporting the paper’s dire take. Furthermore, let’s just forget that there even are experts who think the media-generated panic about COVID-19 is a bigger problem than the virus itself.

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