Coronavirus: The Solution is Becoming Clear

We are starting to win the war for data on covid-19

by Adam Taggart
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

The world has been fighting covid-19 long enough that we are beginning to arrive at some constructive conclusions:

[…] Part of the intense infectiousness of this virus is due to its long asymptomatic phase, where hosts feel fine but are shedding contagious particles. Increased testing is now showing that the majority of folks testing positive don’t realize they’re sick.

Research is showing that the recommended social distance of two meters (6.8 feet) is inadequate to protect against airborne particles. Four times that amount is more likely — reinforcing the effectiveness of both social isolating tactics (like sheltering at home) and wearing masks.

Peak Prosperity has been loudly banging the #Masks4ALL drum of late, and every day more studies emerge showing it’s one of the cheapest and most effective social responses to slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

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